Saturday, May 21, 2011

When I started this blog I wanted it to be more like my Myspace blog. But there aren't any options to private anything and I have lots of things to private. I'm trying to tell myself to just say "Fuck it!" That those are the best reads. I want more followers to drink my purple kool-aid. You know what I'm sayin'?

Since I'm a reformed heroin addict/pill fiend turned awesome Mom, I want to include all aspects of my life. Both past and present. Both sad and happy. Both sordid and showing of my progression towards even more awesomeness. So I guess I'm going to forgo my original intentions, those of keeping my family members shaded from my past but still include the fact that I am now a mom. A mom who still says fuck and makes dick jokes complete with filthy hand gestures. Why? Because I am truthful. I don't care what anyone thinks and I'm not going to conform to anyones expectations. 

If I want to write a blog about that time I saw a bum shit his pants on Bourbon Street and then proceed to wallow in it, I will. And that will probably be followed by a paragraph or two about how I fed my kid milk for the first time and when he finally expelled it's contents from his ass it smelled like 2 million rat corpses.

I can do that. Why? 

Because this is MY blog and YOU have chosen to read it. 'Cause, you know, there is an 18 and older disclaimer before you have to click before you get here.

Laurel Q. Strange

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  1. I find that having a pseudonym frees me up to just let it fly... you just need an alternate identity, a mustachioed David Hasselhoff side which you can let get down and dirty while Good Twin L." serves spoonfuls of saccharin to friends and family... they need to write in two different places, and each will find her proper peeps.