Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I should write a real blog.

I'm only writing this to tell you that I will be trying my hardest to write more often. But alas, my son is about to have his first birthday and being the one year old spawn of myself well... if you know me you can guess how hyper he is. And just plain silly.

It's pretty fuckin' awesome, but whew... he sure wears me out. Especially since our day usually starts at 5:30 AM. Which is pretty funny [to me] that only a few years ago I could be found at a bar in New Orleans, still drinking [it's perfectly socially acceptable to be at a bar at that hour] at 5:30 in the morning. And usually wouldn't leave until noon [also socially acceptable].

Ahhh, now I'm reminiscing about the old days. The days were long... sometimes 4 days long. Until I finally ran out of money and crashed on the futon until I could drag myself to school. I shall also add that I, drunk at times, aced every single test I ever took at that place.

Ok, my child is telling me via squeals and angry stomping that it is time for sleep. Whether he gets there or not is up to him. Lawd know's it's not up to me these days. My po' po' teething bebe. And yes, when he teethes he can sometimes become the dreaded Bebe's Kid.

Before I go I must brag, he's an awesome kid. The sweetest of honeysuckle nectar and I love the little monkey.